Our Mission and Vision

Glamorgan Legacy Ltd is a small, independently run company who believes in the importance of Will Writing and Estate Planning. 

Our ethos extends to believing that your assets should be retained by the people you choose. Glamorgan Legacy Ltd understands that when you work hard you want your efforts to be received by your loved ones when your life comes to an end. 

At Glamorgan Legacy we understand that the topics of Wills and Estate Planning can be emotional. 

Our company director James, uses his own personal life experiences to help you, as he understands how life can be challenging and how important it is to secure the future for your loved ones.  

Glamorgan Legacy Ltd was started when James learned how many people do not have a will (three in five people do not currently have a Will in the United Kingdom)

During his first experience of renal failure and a subsequent kidney transplant, James was shocked that many of the other patients he met on dialysis still did not have a Will. 

Having lost both parents when he was in University, he discovered how important Wills were, especially for any surviving family members. James’ father had a will and everything smoothly was processed in relation to his late father’s requests.

Unfortunately, James’s mother did not have a will when she suddenly passed away, causing a lot of confusion. This caused emotional and financial stress for the family in relation to her estate. 

With these life experiences, James decided to retrain to become an independent Will Writer to be able to help families protect their family’s financial futures and to be able to honour people’s last requests with professionalism, care and compassion. 

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We are Qualified & Professional members of The Society of Will Writers

High Quality Service

As members of The Society of Will Writers, Glamorgan Legacy Ltd follow the Society's Code of Practice and you can feel assured that we are professionally qualified and regulated.

Best Price in Market

As an independent Will Writing company, we are able to keep our costs lower than major companies whilst providing a professional and caring service.

Benefits for our Company

As an independent Will Writers our individual and tailored expertise can help you provide and plan for the future with professionalism, care and compassion. 


We can arrange appointments either face to face or online, at a time to suit your needs. Our service is clear and professional and easy to use with dedicated support.


Although every Will is different, we ensure that the time between meetings and the production of your Will is done promptly and with clear communication.


We are registered with both The Society of Will Writers and the Information Commissioners Office, ensuring that our services are professional regulated for service.

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Whether you are looking to have your first Will written, or you have questions in relation to updating your Will for whatever reason, please feel free to contact us and we will help to assist you.